Buy + Sell Toolkit

Fall in love with home ➱ Buy home
List home ➱ Sell home

I wish it really was that simple. But it’s usually not.

In between (and before, and after) each of those steps are forms, agent-to-agent communications, inspections, sometimes ridiculously short deadlines, disclosures – just for starters. In addition to supporting your home search or marketing your home, a Realtor’s main job is to make sure all of this stuff is done right, at the right time, and with the best imaginable outcome for our clients.

To give you a sense of what we might encounter in our work together, here are a few starting points. Get in touch with me and we can discuss further.

What’s My Home Worth?

The best way to determine the value of your home is for us to get together and work up a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). In addition to analyzing comparable, recently sold properties and the nature of the market in a given area, other major factors that impact value are updates, condition issues, curb appeal (its a real thing, not just a buzzword), and many other features that may not be apparent from a drive-by, a bedroom count, or square footage. We’ll also learn how to understand the optics of your home in the context of the market by triangulating our informed valuation of your home with public resources buyers will see, such as Zillow estimates and tax records.  Get in touch with me and let’s determine your home’s potential value in today’s market.

Home Search

My site includes a link to a general home search tool that draws from current listing data and is updated in real time. While some of the commercial real estate reference sites (Zillow, Trulia) can be useful for certain things, the data available to Realtors is always more reliable and up-to-date, and we often know about homes about to hit the market. Get in touch with me and let me help you find a home that works for you.

Understanding “Agency”

Time and time again, I find that buyers and sellers end up in a situation in which they are unclear about their professional and legal relationship with the Realtor they are working with. Understanding what it means for a Realtor to become your Realtor (your Agent) is absolutely critical, particularly for buyers. I believe that one of my jobs is to educate my clients, and when working with me as a buyer the first thing we will do is discuss the agency relationship. We want to make sure that everything I do is exclusively on your behalf. Get in touch with me and let’s put a finer point on this important concept.

Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualification

Getting a pre-qualification letter from a reputable lender is a prerequisite to everything else in the process, and when I begin working with a buyer I insist on it. The pre-qualification process is similar to a simple credit-check: a lender will look at your assets, income, planned downpayment, and credit scores to make a judgement about how much house you can afford, what specialized financing programs you might qualify for, and other factors. Having a pre-qualification letter in-hand when we start writing offers will also make us more competitive in a tight, fast-moving market. Get in touch with me and let’s find a lender for you.

Financing Options and Specialized Loan Programs

Speaking of specialized financing programs, I have experience guiding buyers through a wide range of situations, and I can help you to connect with lenders who can meet you where you are. I also have experience with loan programs for physicians, first-time buyers, and veterans, and experience with the highly specialized structure of Islamic home financing.

Mortgage Calculator

This is a highly simplified mortgage calculator that should help you to get a general sense of how your monthly payment might look. Your particular situation may vary depending on the nature of your financing.Get in touch with me and let’s put a finer point on this.

Real Estate Terms Glossary

Here’s a reference for the major terms and principles used in real estate. Welcome to our world.